Award Winners

This is a searchable listing of all award winners from 1974 to the present. Search by year, address, name of award winner, or award category.

YearCategoryAddressOwner/ Award winnerPhoto
1974Commercial2526 Government StreetRichard and Terrence Richmond
1974Louis AwardSam Bawlf
1974Residential507 Head StreetGil and Marguerite Laurenson
1974Residential310 Huntington PlaceRichard Collier and John Keay
1975Commercial1162 Fort StreetNorwich Union Life Insurance Co
1975Commercial512 Simcoe Street Chandler HouseW.C.McKechnie
1975Commercial1921 Government StreetLabatt Breweries
1975Communication AwardCecil Clark
1975Louis AwardHon. W.L. Hartley, Minister of Public Works
1975Special AwardPeter Cotton
1977Commercial636 Fisgard StreetChinese Benevolent School
1977Commercial1156 Fort StreetFaith Grant Antiques
1977Louis AwardMayor Mike Young and Council, City of Victoria
1977Residential146 Clarence StreetOrme and Levinson Architects
1977Residential1161 Fort StreetMrs. and Mrs.Ben Vivian
1978Commercial533 Yates StreetAdrian Greenbank
1978Residential1020 Catherine StreetDon Wells
1978Residential116 South Turner StreetWilliam J Langlois
1978Special AwardTerry Reksten
1979Commercial2328 Harbour Road, Sidney The LatchFred Oldfield and Robin Thompson
1979Commercial120 Douglas Street Beacon Hill SchoolTown and Country Realty
1979Communication AwardThomas Palfrey
1979Residential1012 Richardson StreetBill Murphy
1979Special AwardCharles van Veen
1980Commercial1192 Fort StreetConstance and Foster Isherwood
1980Commercial605 Courtney StreetWilliam and John Gidden
1980Louis AwardCraigdarroch CastleThe Society for the Preservation and Maintenance of Craigdarroch Castle
1980Residential1765 Rockland AvenueJohn and Sharie Hayes
1980Residential215 Wilson StreetLes and Shirley Beach
1980Residential3670 Happy Valley RoadDick and Ann Zeer
1981Commercial1824-1832 Store Street Capital IronRon Greene
1981Commercial1116 Government StreetOld Morris Tobacconists
1981Commercial913 Government StreetRogers Chocolates
1981Residential106 Medana StreetJanet Moore and Nicholas Poushinsky
1981Residential3010 Quadra StreetRobert Yellowlees and Ron Bickford of Robron Developments
1981Residential3010 Quadra StreetDavid Watson
1982Commercial199 Old Island HighwayGraham and Wendy Haymes for Four Mile House
1982Louis Award1461 Blanshard StreetCongregation Temple Emanuel
1982Residential2221 Fernwood RoadJim and Cathie Stiven
1982Residential1413 Fernwood RoadJohn and Gretchen Brewin
1982Residential1609 Fort StreetHarold E Twenten for “Interiors”
1982Special AwardStuart Stark
1983Commercial642 Johnson Street Olympic HotelWilliam Wellburn and John Perri
1983Commercial968 Balmoral Road Poor Richard’s BooksBarney and Joanna Hagar
1983Residential242 Robert StreetNorman Pearson
1983Special AwardDr. David Lai
1983Special AwardCarolyn Smyly
1984Commercial1127 Fort StreetPollard family
1984Commercial554-556 Herald StreetRoy Wakefield, Glenn Wakefield and William Patterson
1984Commercial1127 Fort StreetGrant Sheldrake
1984Institutional740 View StreetSt. Andrew’s Cathedral Parish for the Bishop’sPalace
1984Residential1501 Fort StreetCarl Rudolph
1984Residential240 Memorial CrescentDeborah Greene and Humfrey Melling
1984Residential601 Trutch StreetPeter Walton
1985Commercial1108 Government StreetJim Munro
1985Commercial998 Humboldt StreetBill McKechnie
1985Commercial541 Johnson Street Colonial MetropoleJohn and Heather Nicol
1985Commercial794 Yates StreetWestcoast Savings Credit Union
1985Residential1785 Carrick StreetPat and Suzanne Bulmer
1985Residential314 Huntington PlaceJohn Keay and Richard Collier
1985Residential941 Meares StreetTom Palfrey and Tom Putnam
1986CommercialCaleb Pike HomesteadHighland Heritage Park Society
1986Communication AwardGeoffrey Castle and Barry King
1986Louis AwardBritish Columbia Provincial Museum
1986President's Award1140 Arthur Currie LaneHugh Peet and Martin Whitehead
1986Residential1936 Hampshire RoadStuart Stark and Margaret Graham-Bell
1986Residential522 Quadra StreetClifford Whitehead and Marjorie Parsons
1986Residential203 Raynor AvenueGeorge Radford and Bruce Gibson-Bean
1987Commercial1110,1140,1150 Government StreetNorman and Michelle Isherwood
1987Commercial906 McClure StreetBill McKechnie and Stuart Lloyd
1987Commercial555 Johnson StreetWilliam Patterson
1987CommercialRoyal Roads Department of National Defence
1987Commercial1323 Douglas StreetOddfellows Union
1987Communication AwardSooke Region Museum
1987Communication AwardMonday Magazine
1987Individual AwardMartin Segger
1987Individual AwardJohn Adams
1987Residential58 Government StreetWilliam and Patricia Huot
1987Residential223 Robert StreetJim Lee
1987Residential642 Battery StreetJim Lee
1988Commercial723-727 Pandora AvenueEmphraim Lai
1988Commercial740 View StreetSt.Andrew’s Cathedral
1988Communication AwardIsland Farms Dairy
1988Individual AwardMary Doody-Jones
1988Individual AwardSave our City Coalition
1988Residential55 Oswego StreetEdward S.and Kathleen Dahlgren
1988Residential1109 Catherine StreetMargaret Narain and Susan Nickum
1988Residential1890 Maple AvenueKen and Janet Knight
1988Residential1131 Catherine StreetRaymond Hunt and Joanne Wegren
1989Commercial825 Fort StreetC.T.Properties
1989Commercial636 Fisgard StreetChinese Public School
1989Communication AwardThe Heritage Tree Project of the Victoria Horticultural Society
1989Louis Award508 Douglas StreetSchool District 61, the parents, staff and students of South Park School
1989President's Award4216 Wilkinson RoadMinistry of the Attorney-General
1989Residential1911 Woodley RoadJim and Sheila Colwill
1989Special AwardOld Cemeteries Committee of the BC Historical Federation
1990Commercial1519 Amelia StreetGil Nicholls
1990Commercial1521 Amelia StreetBruce Maycock
1990Commercial1525 Amelia StreetC & M Maurice
1990Commercial1527 Amelia StreetB Hotzhauer/D. Vandy
1990Commercial1529 Amelia Streetthe Amelia Group
1990Commercial836 Cormorant StreetTom Partlow
1990Commercial840 Cormorant Street
1990Commercial840 Cormorant StreetGeorge Nagel
1990Commercial655-671 Fort StreetDavid Burr Ltd.
1990Commercial647 Niagara StreetJohn Hanrahan
1990Gardens1964 Fairfield RoadPrincess and the late Prince Abkazi
1990GardensPoint Ellice House 2616 Pleasant Street
1990Individual AwardJennifer Nell Barr
1990President's Award924 Douglas StreetSt. Andrew’s Prebysterian Church
1990Residential132 South Turner StreetMaureen McIntosh/Derek Hawksley
1990Residential7969 West Saanich RoadJack and Heather Waters
1991Communication AwardCorporation of the District of Saanich/Saanich Heritage Advisory and Archival Committee
1991Individual AwardJohn and Helen Edwards
1991Mark Madoff AwardElida Peers
1991President's Award516-518 Yates StreetVictoria Youth Hostel
1991Residential243 Kingston StreetLes and Mary Lane Anderson
1991Residential1458 Begbie StreetShelagh Mahony-Hall
1992Commercial1028 Fort StreetShushan and Joseph Egoyan
1992Commercial1161 Fort StreetGreen Higinbotham and Claus
1992Communication AwardSt. Ann’s Rescue Coalition
1992Communication AwardMichael Kluckner
1992Mark Madoff AwardMadge Hamilton
1992President's Award140 Government StreetJames Maurice and Chris Gay
1992Residential3816 Duke RoadShirley Wilde
1993Commercial923 Burdett StreetThe Sisters of St. Ann
1993Commercial1401 Rockland AvenueMininstry of Government Services
1993Commercial658-670 Herald StreetHook Sin Tong Charity Society
1993Louis Award670 Lampson StreetSchool District 61
1993Residential17 Cambridge StreetJennifer Iredale
1993Residential117 Oswego StreetMikal Williams and Melinda Seyler
1993Residential1244 Chapman StreetSheilagh Walsh and Peter Walton
1994Commercial740 View StreetSt. Andrew’s Cathedral
1994Commercial3821 Cedar Hill X RoadSt. Luke’s Church
1994Commercial1417 Broad StreetRoyal Canadian Legion Trafalgar Branch
1994Individual AwardMelinda Seyler
1994Individual AwardMichael Williams and William Patterson
1994Mark Madoff AwardMark Aitken
1994President's Award7778 West Saanich RoadRon and Jean George
1994Residential2753 Cavendish AvenuePaul and Marilynne Convey
1994Residential130 Government StreetTanya Darling
1994Residential350 Wilson StreetBruce and Louis Awarde Lemire-Elmore
1994Residential865 Wollaston StreetUrban Allen
1995Commercial31 Bastion Square Board of Trade BuildingAndromeda Investments
1995Commercial660 Michigan StreetSchool District #61
1995Mark Madoff AwardBjorn Simonsen
1995Residential915 Island RoadRichard and Patricia Hicks
1995Residential5271 Old West Saanich RoadJacqueline and John Wrinch
1996Commercial636 Yates StreetTung and Choa Lee
1996Communication AwardCatherine Umland
1996Louis AwardButterfield ParkCorporation of the District of Central Saanich
1996Mark Madoff AwardGeoffrey Castle
1996President's Award851 Wollaston StreetWilliam Patterson
1996Residential6996 West Saanich RoadDave and Pat Thomson
1996Residential340 Wilson StreetPeter and Shelley Sarakannas
1996Residential4366 Blenkinsop RoadAllan and Ruth Holmes
1996Residential6996 West Saanich RoadDave and Pat Thomson
1997CommercialUniversity of VictoriaOld Jam Factory Water Tower
1997CommercialGate of Harmonious InterestCity of Victoria
1997Communication AwardEchoes of EmpireRobin Ward
1997President's Award4475 Happy Valley RoadMetchosin School Museum Society
1997Residential912 Mount Newton X RoadRoy and Heather Buchanan
1997Residential2138 Central AvenueKen and Barbara Grant
1997Residential255 Government StreetMarc Pakenham/ Kenna Barradell
1998Commercial1402 StadMasonic Temple Association of Victoria
1998Communication AwardMartin Segger and Douglas Franklin
1998Louis Award1741 Duchess StreetJeffrey and Jane Wallace
1998Mark Madoff AwardVintage Woodworks Inc
1998President's Award835 Humboldt StreetProvincial Capital Commission and British Columbia Buildings Corporation
1998Residential2021 McNeill AvenueJurgen and Sylvia Mitbrodt
1998Residential4320 Torquay DriveJohn Clemens/ Patricia Ball
1999Award of Merit2667 Empire StreetVern Archibald
1999Award of MeritLarry and Sandra Gray3808 Heritage Lane
1999Award of MeritDiscover Sports Club714 Discovery Street
1999Communication Award The Gorge of Summers GoneDennis Minaker
1999President's Award1195 Fort StreetDr. Bob Ruzicka and Dr. Frank Van Gyn
1999Louis Award949 Meares StreetDavyd McMinn and
2000Award of Merit532 Herald StreetChris LeFevre
2000Award of Merit529-539 Herald Street & 532 1/2 Fisgard StreetTom Moore
2000Award of Merit1002 Government StreetPemberton and Son
2000Award of Merit1820 Stellys' Cross RoadDouglas and Valerie Schuetze
2000Award of MeritDedication to heritage in Central SaanichCarole Bawlf and Noel Richardson
2000Communication AwardWork to preserve the heritage of EsquimaltSherr Robinson
2000President's Award1423 Hampshire RoadWarner James Architects
2000Louis Award - shared1936 Hampshire RoadStuart Stark and Margaret Graham-Bell
2000Louis Award - sharedChapel, St. Ann's Academy, 835 Humboldt StreetStuart Stark, Robert Patterson and Associates, Provincial Capital Commission
2001Award of Merit609 Toronto StreetNicholas and Sharon Russell
2001Award of Merit529 Sprnigfield StreetJulia and Derek Trachsell
2001Award of Merit3930 Telegraph Bay RoadMax and Janet Anderson
2001Award of Merit2157 Cubbon DriveLynda and Bill MacFarlane
2001Award of Merit4509 West Saanich RoadFireside Grill
2001Award of Merit1912 Wing, Oaklands Elementary SchoolShiv Garyali and School District 61
2001Award of MeritCreation of Dominion Brook ParkJohn Dawson
2001Award of Merit626 Blanshard StreetTh Church of Our Lord
2001Communication AwardFor advocating moving buildings and recycling themNickel Bros. House Moving
2001President's Award1291Gladstone AvenueThe Belfry Theatre
2001President's AwardTax Incentive ProgramCity of Victoria
2001Louis AwardYoung Building, 3100 Foul Bay RoadCamosun College
2002Award of Merit1590 Beach DriveKen and Barbara Grant
2002Award of Merit351 Simcoe Street/160 Rendall StreetMelinda Seyler
2002Award of Merit629 Niagara StreetElke and Paul Brown
2002Award of Merit1402 Stadacona Avenue/1480 Fort StreetTom and Ann McLean
2002Award of Merit1004 Fairfield RoadMelinda Seyler, Mikal Williams and Laurie Edmundson
2002Award of MeritRuckle Provincial Park, Salt Spring IslandBC Parks
2002Award of Merit1009 Cook StreetLimavady Holdings
2002Award of MeritThe Amethyst Inn at Regent's Park, 1501 Fort StreetKarl and Grace Sands
2002Michael Williams Award1308-1312 Douglas StreetRobert Cross
2002President's Award1420 Broad StreetCIVI TV
2002Louis Award1501 Fort StreetKarl and Grace Sands
2003Award of MeritGardens at 1248 Burnside Road WestAndria Tetlow and the Friends of Knockan Hill
2003Award of Merit514 Government StreetBC Buildings Corporation
2003Award of Merit1897 Monteith AvenueJanet and Phillip Illingworth
2003Communication AwardPutting walking tours on the websiteTownship of Esquimalt
2003Mark Madoff AwardDedication to heritage as a professional and volunteerRobert Baxter
2003Michael Williams Award536-538 Herald StreetChris LeFevre
2004Award of MeritOak Bay Native Plant Garden restorationThe Friends of Oak Bay Native Plant Garden
2004Award of MeritBannockburn, 1189 Mount Newton Cross RoadJack and Heather Waters
2004Award of MeritHistoric Muir Cemetery The Sooke Regional Historical Society
2004Award of MeritHighlands SchoolhouseRobert McMinn and Davyd McMinn
2004Communication AwardLost Streams of Victoria mapThe South Island Aquatic Stewardship Society
2004Mark Madoff AwardBuilding the West: The Early Architects of British ColumbiaDonald Luxton
2004President's AwardThe Grant Block, Royal Roads UniversityRoyal Roads University
2004Michael Williams AwardTemple Building, 515 Fort StreetLombard Properties Ltd.
2005Award of Merit1418 Fernwood RoadGarde Collins, Malcolm Harman and David Coster
2005Award of Merit1422 Fernwood RoadGarde Collins and Malcolm Harman
2005Award of MeritDedication to preservation of Saanich peninsula heritageThe Saanich Historical Artifacts Society
2005Award of Merit530 Craigflower RoadMichele Buchmann, Gerry Karagianis, Kim Millar Lewis and Harry Lewis
2005Award of Merit402-410 Cook StreetJohn Pucket and David Ford
2005Communication AwardBeacon Hill Park History websiteJanis Ringuette
2005Communication AwardYears of promoting heritage awarnessValerie Green
2005Mark Madoff AwardThe Life and Times of Victoria Architect P. Leonard JamesRosemary James Cross
2005President's AwardSouth Park Elementary School, 508 Douglas StreetBradley Shuya Architect and School District 61
2005Michael Williams AwardThe Irish Times Pub, 1200 Government StreetMatt McNeil
2006Award of Merit959 Craigflower RoadRoss P. Griffin
2006Award of Merit1243 Rudlin StreetNicholas and Sharon Russell & Davy McMinn and Linda Carlson
2006Award of MeritCommunication of heritage and research into historyDr. Larry McCann
2006Award of MeritBattery StreetThe Ryan Family
2006Communication AwardRadio program Remember WhenSusan Woods
2006Communication AwardRecording heritage in art and printRobert Amos
2006Communication AwardA Fairfield HistoryKen Roueche
2006President's AwardThe Nosey Point Inn on Pender IslandLeila Tattersall
2006Michael Williams AwardRoyal Theatre, 805 Broughton StreetThe Royal and McPherson Theatres Society
2006Louis Award959 Craigflower RoadRoss P. Griffin
2007Award of MeritCity Hall Clock TowerCity of Victoria
2007Award of MeritThe Greenhouse and Headhouse at Hatley ParkRoyal Roads University
2007Award of MeritLifetime of virtuostic brick workWilly Tobler
2007Award of MeritIlahie, 1041 St. Charles StreetPaul and Tracey Thomas
2007Award of MeritMoving and restoration of Triangle Point LighthouseThe Sooke Regional Historical Society
2007Award of Merit1400-1480 Governent StreetMac and Mac Developments Ltd.
2007Mark Madoff AwardYears of service as architect and volunteerAlan Hodgson
2007President's AwardCornerstone BuildingThe Fernwood Neighbourhood Resource Group
2007Michael Williams Award1408-1410 Broad StreetCalen McNeil and Pepi Krajc
2007Louis AwardThe Greenhouse and Headhouse at Hatley ParkRoyal Roads University
2008Award of Merit2733 Blackwood AvenueAnn and Steve Thomson
2008Award of Merit943 St. Charles StreetBrian and Karen Maycock
2008Award of MeritDodd HouseSaanich Heritage Foundation
2008Award of MeritTrebatha, 1124 Fort StreetJohn Keay and Associates
2008Award of MeritFocus on heritage aspects of 800 Benvenuto AvenueThe Butchart Gardens
2008Communication AwardSouth Park School: Memories Through the DecadesDebbie Marchand, Linda Piciotto and Dee van Straaten
2008Communication AwardOak Bay, British Columiba in PhotographsOak Bay Community Archives
2008Communication AwardSpecial coverage of heritage that raises awarenessTimes-Colonist
2008President's Award1600 Quadra StreetKevyan Shojania, Mira Shorjania, Nasser Shojania and Scott Robertson
2008Michael Williams Award1401 Government StreetMoore Paterson Architects
2008Louis Award943 St. Charles StreetBrian and Karen Maycock
2009Award of Merit4185 Metchosin RoadAndrew and Melanie Penn
2009Award of MeritButterworth House, 1401 Rockland AvenueThe Government House Foundation, Ministry of Tourism, Sport and the Arts and Jonathan Yardley, Architect
2009Award of Merit527 Michigan StreetCielo Properties and Tinney & Associates
2009Award of MeritSkill and craftsmanship in painting heritage propertiesPeter Saldat, Top Coat Painting
2009Communication AwardVictoria Underfoot: Excavating a City's SecretsHarbour Publishing, Brenda Clark, Nicole Kiburn and Nick Russell
2009Communication AwardSaanich Heritage StructuresMunicipality of Saanich
2009Communication AwardColonial Despatches websiteUniversity of Victoria
2009Communication AwardWebsite: britishcolonist.caTimes-Colonist and University of Victoria
2009President's AwardPender Islands MuseumPender Islands Museum volunteers
2009Michael Williams Award524-534 Yates StreetLeFevre and Company Property Agents
2009Louis AwardPender Islands MuseumPender Islands Museum volunteers
2010Award of MeritLandscape at 1246 Rudlin StreetLynda Robson and Ian McCrimmon
2010Award of Merit713 Johnson StreetVictoria Cool Aid Society, AIDS Vancouver Island and CitySpaces Consulting
2010Award of Merit536 Yates StreetAaron Usatch
2010Award of Merit169 Beechwood AvenueJohn and Carol Langston
2010Award of Merit538 Yates StreetAaron Usatch
2010Communication AwardWebsites: and Patrick Dunae
2010Communication AwardThis Old HouseVictoria Heritage Foundation
2010Mark Madoff AwardEfforts to save Officers' Mess at Work Point BarracksColin MacLock
2010Michael Williams Award1450 Douglas StreetThe Hotel Rialto
2010President's AwardCrystal GardenCity of Victoria, Provincial Capital Commission and Minster of Tourism, Culture and the Arts
2010Louis AwardThis Old HouseVictoria Heritage Foundation
2011Award of Merit825 Foul Bay RoadAnn and Heather McPherson
2011Award of Merit1046 Mason StreetRed Brick Holdings
2011Award of Merit1566 Hampshire RoadMichael Sarosiuk
2011Award of Merit555 Pembroke StreetKnappett Projects
2011Award of Merit4423 Tyndall AvenueCarolne Noya and Heather Vantreight
2011Award of Merit1005 Langley StreetHobo Holdings
2011Award of Merit3956 Stan Wright LaneDennis and Vicki Sanders
2011Award of MeritYears of service to heritagePeter Pollen
2011Award of MeritBeacon Hill Park BandstandCity of Victoria
2011Award of Merit1417 Fernwood RoadTerrence Merx and Clara Toledo
2011Award of Merit2008-2010 Fernwood RoadMichael Moser
2011Communication AwardBuilt by Luney BrothersNancy J. Hughes
2011President's Award1355 Mitchell StreetCongregation of Oak Bay United Church
2011Michael Williams AwardThe Hudson, 1701 Douglas StreetThe Townline Group of Companies
2011Louis AwardThe Hudson, 1701 Douglas StreetThe Townline Group of Companies
2012Award of Merit1440 Clifford StreetDon Mayer and Leslie Waters
2012Award of MeritCraigflower ManorTLC, Parks Canada, Davyd McMinn, Kate Richardson, Ben Scott and Simone Vogel-Horridge
2012Award of Merit1015 Moss StreetSteven Chin
2012Award of MeritKinsol TrestleCowichan Valley Regional District, Commonwealth Historic Resource Management, Macdonald and Lawrence Timber Framing, Marshal Macklin Monahan, Jonathan Yardley Architect, and Stantec
2012Communication AwardGlorious Victorians: 150 Years/150 HousesNick Russell
2012President's Award1715 Government StreetIan Sutherland
2012Michael Williams AwardOriental Hotel, 582 Yates StreetLeFevre and Company Property Agents
2012Louis AwardKinsol TrestleCowichan Valley Regional District, Commonwealth Historic Resource Management, Macdonald and Lawrence Timber Framing, Marshal Macklin Monahan, Jonathan Yardley Architect, and Stantec
2013Young Researcher AwardResearching the history of Margaret Jenkins SchoolNelson Currie
2013Honourable Mention619 Avalon RoadJane Taylor
2013Honourable Mention1110 Pembroke StreetDavid Coster and Stephen Inglis
2013Award of Merit3040 Carroll AvenueRichard and Kim Linzey & Pat Megson
2013Award of Merit940 Heywood AvenueGraham Garman & Bea and Lawrie Cherniack

2013Award of Merit3682 Grange RoadDavid Cubberly
2013Award of Merit1213 Yukon StreetBill Myles and Keri McLay
2013Communication Award - Honourable MentionUnbuilt VictoriaDorothy Mindendall
2013Communication Award - Honourable MentionProspect Lake ReflectionsThe Prospect Lake Historical Society
2013Communication AwardTest of Time: The Enduring Legacy of Victoria City HallVictoria Civic Heritage Trust
2013Communication AwardDigital media on Uvic websitesStewart Arneil
2013President's Award2500 Rock Bay AvenueGabriel Ross Inc.
Gabriel Ross Inc
2014Award of Merit864 Queens AvenueLinhar Projects and Christine Lintott Architect864 Queens Avenue
864 Queens Avenue completed

864 Queens Avenue completed

2014Award of Merit452 Boleskine RoadJim and Susan Merrick452 Boleskine Road
452 Boleskine complete

452 Boleskine complete

2014Award of MeritService to heritage in stained and leaded glassMercer and Schaefer GlasstudiosMercer and Schaefer Glasstudio
Mercer and Schaefer Glasstudio

Mercer and Schaefer Glasstudio

2014Award of Merit1202 Fort StreetDinning Hunter Lambert and Jackson1202 Fort Street
1202 Fort Street

1202 Fort Street

2014Award of Merit1490 Fairfield RoadRoss Bay Villa SocietyRoss Bay Villa Society
1490 Fairfield Road

1490 Fairfield Road

2014Mark Madoff AwardExtraordinary volunteer service to heritageRick GoodacreRick Goodacre – Mark Madoff Award
Rick Goodacre – Mark Madoff Award

Rick Goodacre – Mark Madoff Award

2014President's Award1016 Pemberton RoadBlack Horse Contracting and Harry NewtonPresident's Award - 1016 Pemberton Road
President's Award - 1016 Pemberton Road

President's Award - 1016 Pemberton Road

2015Award of Merit2028 Runnymede AvenueHeather and Sean Sweeney President's Award - 1016 Pemberton Road2028 Runnymede
2015Award of Merit723 Field StreetIan Laing Properties Ltd.front after
723 Field street
2015Award of Merit28 years of support to the heritage communitySteve BarberSteve BarberSteve Barber award of merit
2015CommunicationInteractive websiteVictoria Heritage FoundationVHF map
Award to The Victoria Heritage Foundation
2015CommunicationDigitization project and newspaper articlesEsquimalt Municipal ArchivesEsquimaltEsquimalt Archives
2015CommunicationFrom Classroom to Battlefield: Victoria High School and the First World WarBarry GoughFrom Classroom to BattlefieldFrom Classroom to Battlefield
2015Communication“The Veterans Cemetery, Esquimalt, British Columbia” - Revised and Updated 2014 EditionHarvey BuckmasterVeterans Cemetery bookBuckmaster
2016Honourable MentionUnion - 528 Pandora AvenueCiccozzi Architecture


2016Award of Merit2753 Somass DriveLeonard ColeSomass for website
2016Award of Merit1461 Blanshard StreetCongregation Emanu-ElSynagogue for website
2016Award of Merit1006-1010 Government Street & 1007-1009 Langley StreetRichard HolmesPromis for website
2016Communication AwardRoyal City Music ProjectRoyal City Music ProjectRoyal City for website
2016CommunicationsCaroline DuncanCaroline Duncan for website
2016President's AwardWentworth VillaStefan and Magda OpalskiWentworth for website
2016Michael Williams Award536-544 Pandora AvenueHoy San Ning Yung AssociationHoy San Ning Yung for website
2017Award of MeritPatio CourtDeborah and Bill Patterson

Two of the homes at Patio Court

2017Award of MeritSouth Block developmentSouth Block Development Corporation and Concert Properties

South Block

2017Communication Award“Imagining Uplands: John Olmsted’s Masterpiece of Residential Design”Larry McCann

Imagining Uplands

2017Communication Award“Glory in Glass: The Stained Glass Windows of Christ Church Cathedral”
Canon Mary Barlow, David Barlow, and Ed Schaefer

Glory in Glass

2017Communication Award"Glorious Victorian Homes"Nick Russell

Glorious Victorian Homes

2017Michael Williams Award805 Gordon StreetThe Union Club of British Columbia

Union Club

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