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Transcription of “Handwritten Description” document:

This house, owned by an elderly man and/his ailing wife, is in poor condition./Mr. Culveswell likes “the modern stuff’/and finds his home dark and very/difficult to keep clean/The house does have an intrinsic/beauty, although it is covered by/layers of dust. As in many Victorian/homes, it seems as though the builder/had been carried away by the/sheer joy of building. As may be seen/by the photographs, nearly every window/is different from the others. There is an/abundant use of wood throughout. The/best parts of the house are the two/downstairs fireplaces that are as lovely/as anything in Victoria./ The rooms are, of course, small with/the usual high ceilings. There is scarcely any entrance hall. The front door seems to/lead right to the stairs running to the second floor or to the parlour on the right./ Fortunately, Mr. Culveswell has filled the house with ugly-charming Victorian bric/a-brac that is utterly right, in keeping/with the whole.