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*Transcription of Correspondence document

Heading: Richard A. Rennie C.D., B. Comm., LL.B./Barrister & Solicitor/of the Bar of British Columbia

Address (left): The Hallmark Society (right): 16 Nov 84

Body: Dear Sirs:/Attached is a copy of a letter I dispatched yesterday to/the Municipality of Esquimalt concerning their “policy” on Heritage/Designation./Coincidently, in the evening edition of the Ottawa Citizen news-/paper (15 Nov 84), I came across this particular news item/regarding a Heritage house in Ottawa. The financial/”partnership” of which I spoke in my letter to the Municipality/is much more evident in Ontario – at least in Ottawa – than it is in Esquimalt./For your information.

Signature: Yours Truly,/Dick Rennie