New Proposals in Victoria Will Require the Demolition of Historic Houses

Back to business. Projects under consideration at Victoria include the proposed demolition of a couple of buildings upon which we have little information.

  1. 224 Kingston – All we have on our website is that it was built in 1890. It is adjacent to a large parking lot at Montreal and Kingston, The proposal is to construct a 17 story building with some surrounding “townhouses” – two to three stories. This will now be the tallest building visible from the north side of the Inner Harbour. As near as I can tell, 224 Kingston will be demolished to facilitate the access to the Underground parking. 
224 Kingston
Proposed 17 Stories


  1. The next proposal is for the properties at 1270 Pandora, 1286 Pandora, and 1516 Camosun. 1270 Pandora is a very interesting house, not of any historic significance, but certainly well designed. for 1286 Pandora, our file have nothing – no data or page. For 1516 Camosun, we have a 50-year old letter which offers a few clues but nothing substantial. 
1270 Pandora
1286 Pandora
1516 Camosun

All three could be subject to demolition and replaced by This:

A better design than most but results in the loss of two historic ​​​houses.

We should try to gather more information on the houses at threat.