Awards Form

  • Award of Merit
  • Communications Award
  • Mark Madoff Award
  • President’s Award
  • Michael Williams Award

You may nominate more than one project or person for an Award of Merit


1. Individuals, members of heritage, historical or cultural organizations, corporations, governments, and educational institutions are eligible for Hallmark awards according to categories for projects or achievements completed within two years prior to Awards Night.

2. Nominees do not have to be members of the Hallmark Heritage Society.
3. Members of the Hallmark Heritage Society are not to place themselves in a position of conflict is regard to nominations.

4. The Society reserves the right to decline submission material of unacceptable quality be at written, photographic, or otherwise.

5. The Hallmark Awards Jury reserves the right to determine the appropriate category in which a nomination may be considered.

6. The jury is responsible for adjudicating all the awards within the program. All decisions of the jury or final and not open to appeal.

Submissions Must Include:

1. Name, mailing address, (and email address if available), and telephone number of nominee and the project address.
2. Description of the nominee’s pertinent work (approximately one page).
3. Attachments including press clippings, letters of support, and other relevant material.
4. Minimum of five photographs, slides, or digital images illustrating the project. As all submissions will be retained by the Hallmark Heritage Society, please use copies rather than valuable originals.
5. Name, address (and email address if available) and telephone number of person(s) sponsoring or submitting the nomination.


Submissions must be delivered to the Hallmark Heritage Society by January 31. Late submissions may not be accepted. Delivery of nominations may be by Canada Post or by email. For further information email at: [email protected]

Award Categories

Award of Merit (One or More).

This award recognizes individuals, groups, governments or other agencies for OUTSTANDING EXTERIOR AND/OR INTERIOR RESTORATION of residential, commercial or institutional buildings; landscape and garden restoration/reservation; sensitive infill inherited settings; or other innovative programs.

The following special categories may have only one recipient each. Honourable mentions may also be awarded. These awards will not necessarily be bestowed on an annual basis.

Communication Award.

This Award recognizes individuals or groups for exemplary work in COMMUNICATING heritage information and values through communications and education programs, print and electronic media, or publications.

Mark Madoff Award.

The Mark Madoff Award is named after a former president of the Hallmark Society. Dr. Madoff, who was a gifted teacher and writer, passed away suddenly at the age of 41 and 1990. As spokesman for the Save Our City Coalition (formed in response to the Eaton’s Centre proposal), Dr. Madoff was universally respected even by his opponents. The Mark Madoff Award recognizes EXTRAORDINARY CONTRIBUTIONS the field of Heritage preservation. These contributions would be seen as going beyond that achieved by general volunteership or advocacy.

President’s Award.

This award recognizes innovation in the ADAPTIVE REUSE of the building. The project will demonstrate creative solutions to problems of design, construction techniques, financing, sales and promotion.

Michael Williams Award.

This award was created in 2002 to honour the work of the late Michael Williams. It recognizes OUTSTANDING REHABILITATION IN DOWNTOWN VICTORIA. The project should demonstrate innovative use of financing, rehabilitation techniques, and careful attention to the heritage fabric.

Louis Award.

This premier prize may be presented to an award recipient in another category. The award bears the name of the parrot formally resident in the demolished “Parrot House” in Victoria. It recognizes and EXCEPTIONAL project. The work will demonstrate unusual attention to authenticity and structural integrity, serious financial commitment, also exemplary impact on a neighbourhood or region.

The award also includes Louis’ favourites – – walnuts and brandy.